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Asearch CMS

Content Management System (CMS) - A web application that allows a user to add, modify and publish the content of a website live on the web is nothing but a Content Management System (CMS).

Goal Of A CMS

The primary goal of a content management system is to keep hold of all the back-office activities without any delays, helping the companies keep the content of their website up to date which ultimately index the website and list down the website in Google ranking.

ASearch CMS

ASearchOnline provides Custom Responsive CMS to the organizations and help manage their website on their own without the involvement of the agency itself. Depending upon the requirement and the need of the client, we could develop such a system for them which is very well capable to take care of a lot of back-end activities with the help of multi-user login and different permission levels respectively. ASearch CMS provides the following functionalities :

  • Dashboard
  • Page Management Panel: to manage all the pages and their content with right away publish option
  • User Management panel: to create new user with different permission levels
  • Sales & Marketing Management Panel
  • Customer Management Panel
  • Product Management Panel
  • System Management Panel : to manage layout, users, languages, currencies, etc.
  • Blog Management Panel
  • Automated alert system
  • Automated Reporting system
  • Tools
  • Settings