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Landing Page Development

What is a landing page?

It's the first page your visitors land on, after clicking a link to your website. Naturally, that could be any page. But when we refer to "landing pages", we mean pages that were specifically designed to receive a subset of your web traffic.

What sets landing pages apart :

You control where visitors come from. In many cases, you've paid for the traffic (banner ads, pay-per-click, etc.) There's something specific you want visitors to do: buy a product, register, etc.

A good landing page will provide a customized sales pitch for the visitor. It will :

  • Take into account where visitors have come from and who they are
  • Reassure visitors they've arrived at the right place
  • Keep visitors focused, build momentum
  • Drive visitors to the destination you desire
  • Persuade visitors to take action
  • How do we optimize landing pages?

    We believe in a rigorous, scientific approach - an approach based on data rather than creative hunches alone.

    The exact process will vary depending on the nature of your business, website traffic levels, budget, etc. But in all cases, we use A/B and Multivariate Testing to find out which design works best.