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Website Analytics

Website Analytics is the most important tool required by the companies or individuals willing to promote their website. It is a process by which you will come to know about the feasibility of your website. When you want to create and promote a website, you will have to do some groundwork before delving into the venture. The technical aspects of website promotion and creation is not known by everyone. At such juncture you require a professional help who can create and promote your website just the way you want it to be. ASearch Online is an organization which will help you in creation, maintenance and promotion of your website from the Day 1.

Web Analytics literally means analysis, measurement, collection and reporting of data from the Internet for optimizing and understanding the process of web usage. To know more about the position and footfalls on your website, it is necessary to hire an expert for the purpose. Web Analytics is the only medium which will let you know the correct tracking and measurement statistics of your website.

Web Analytics can be broadly divided under two categories :

  • On Site Web Analytics : This kind of website analytics measures the number of footfalls on your website. That means it includes both the conversions and the drivers. Your website's performance in a business context is measured in on site website analytics. The data gathered from this kind of measurement is compared to the best performance indicators and eventually utilized in the improvement of website marketing and response gathering. ASearch Online provides you with excellent on site website analytics which aids you in popularizing your website and have lucrative returns.

  • Off Site Web Analytics : The process of off site analytics is more comprehensive and can be utilized even if you don't own or maintain a particular website. This is very much needed for people who are seriously thinking to launch a website in the near future. ASearch Online is equipped with expert off site web analytics professionals who does detail groundwork for you. From potential opportunities and visibility to buzz or commenting, every aspect is studies carefully before implementation of the project.

ASearch Online also provides you with services like page tagging, log profile analysis, and several hybrid methods by which you can know the exact position of your website in the internet. So enhance your business and revenue by hiring us today.